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CDM is an non profit interdisciplinary space for artists and designers from a broad spectrum of practices. We have a range of textiles based facilities and one of the largest screen printing beds in manchester. We run community engagement programmes and a skills centre for people of all ages and levels. We also have open plan studio spaces for rent that will accommodate makers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.


Our Story




Led by a group of art, design and textile graduates, in collaboration with people with significant textile industry experience, CDM UK was formed with a determined plan to work with all the key stakeholders within the region.  


We aim to provide a range of services to:


- Local textile businesses, with a specific focus on the manufacturers, to offer customised services that cater for their needs, in order to fill the gap of services that currently exists.  


- Graduates of art, design and textiles from local universities, with a specific focus on design and fashion graduates, to provide ‘incubation’ support to help them establish as a business.  


- Local schools, colleges and youth centres, with a specific emphasis to promote textile education and employment amongst the young people.  


- Local communities, with a specific focus on those who are unemployed or looking for skills training, to encourage employment in textiles.  


Creative Design and Manufacture aims to provide a ‘holistic’ service to the industry and provide technical support to facilitate the production of high quality innovative textile products in the Northwest, the historical home of textiles in the UK. 


Our Vision




To provide a creative environment  for artists, and to provide workshops and training for aspiring practitioners, especially in the textile sector.

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